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Our APT lab is based on Windows and Linux OS. All the lab machines is based on real concept and toughness level is easy,medium and hard. There is no CTF like challenges. You have to always think about some realistic concept and don't overthink to solve a lab machine. We are here to support you in form guidance and learning documents. So enjoy the lab and feel free to give your feedback.

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Out of 25 VMs, we are providing 4 VMs in which 2 lab machine is windows and others are Linux. We are here to guide you if you stuck during solving of VM. If you will find better learning from. On our community platform then you can purchase other labs full access or get trained from us.

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Submit the below form and our team will ask for verification and few details like your name, preferred language, and private email.
Note: There is no payment stuff that will be asked from our side during the free trial access while detail verification.

Our lab system works on a VPN environment. You just need to connect with our VPN & then we will provide you a target IP then you can start hacking.

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Advance Penetration testing Lab

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Advance Penetration testing Lab

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Researched Based Labs

Hack The World

Join our research LAB which is based on our research. You will learn real world scenario.

Hack The World

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Learn latest windows hacking challenge and real world corporate environment pentesting challenge

Real World Feel Research Labs

Enjoy the research labs based on latest windows environment hacks & pentesting of corporate.

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We are here to help you if you are joining any of our advance labs & we will provide support to our training members 24x7. We will guide how to solve technical issues.

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