Linux Hacking CTFs

Build Your Own Linux Pentesting Environment.

Linux Based CTF VMs.

You Can Convert Your Windows VMs Into CTF with the help of our Windows CTFs package Installer. You Just need to Run our Windows package in a preinstalled VM With some Requirements of the installer and it will convert your VM into A CTF and you can start your windows pentesting practice Instantly. We offer Basic to Advance Windows CTF packages and you can setup your own windows lab in your Host Machine.

Prime 1

This machine is designed for those one who is trying to prepare for OSCP or OSCP-Exam.This is first level of prime series. Some help at every stage is given. Machine is lengthy as OSCP and Hackthebox’s machines are designed.

Prime 2021.1 ( Prime 2)

This vm will give you some real concept that is needfull for a global level certifications. And you are going to enjoy this VM because of there is a good combination of network and web pentesting.

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