Advance Security Training

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We provide advanced security training. So that one can clear global level certificates and can create a good place in their pen-testing world. There is a good LAB please have a look at here I (Labs). If someone can complete those LAB VMs then there is a high chance to clear their way for global security certifications.

Advance Security Training
Advance Security Training

Our Labs:

There are nearly 25 VMs. And 10 practice VMs during training. After finishing the training we will start taking the challenge. Nearly 8 challenges will be taken by our team. And first challenge time will be 6 hours and reporting will start from just finishing the challenge time. And finally, the last challenge will be 36 hours long. And the next 24 hours for the report making.


We will take liability from start to end. If possible then we will also provide backup sessions to a person who really needs them. We will take guaranty that students can clear their exams but only one term is applied. Only and only one term and condition is, students will have to complete the task and challenge that is provided by the Hackerctf team.

Advance Security Training
Advance Security Training

How We Are Different From Others:

We have a collection of Linux, Windows, OpenBSD, FreeBSD VMs in the lab. So if someone is good at hands-on these types of operating systems then there is a great chance to defeat the target certification. Windows is a great challenge while pen-testing and compromising a target. So we put Windows machines in a good amount so that students can do a better practice. All the operating system is in the newest version like windows server 2016, server 2019, server 2012, windows 10 pro/enterprise. So students will learn good techniques on how to compromise and do a privesc.


If someone wants to take a look then free labs are allocated. The student just has to send a mail to us. Our team will send a verification link. Once the student will confirm then there will be an ovpn file allowed on the given email. Once if someone is satisfied with the free lab and wanted to take training or is interested to take only pro lab then that option is also available. Students can purchase only our pro lab which is a collection of 25 CTFs. And also who purchase our pro lab then one person is assigned to the student for guidance purposes.

Advance Security Training
Advance Security Training


Students who just cleared our labs and got success to compromise all machines or near to all. Then if the student is interested then can take our exam challenge which is 36 hours long. And the next 24 hours for the report making. If someone has cleared our exam then Hackerctf certified pentester certificates will be provided. There will be 7 VMs and student have to clear machines in a way so that he/she can earn 150 marks out of 200.

Advance Security Training

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